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Ultimate Defrag Version 5 (HDD/SSD Optimiser)

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Posted 31 March 2017 - 10:55 PM



Why YOU Need Ultimate Defrag 5 To Enhance Your Flight Simulation Experience!


We have all, at one stage or another, sat in front of our flight sims waiting for that loading... screen to scroll across from left to right. For some people, this happens in under 10 seconds, for the rest of us, it is measured more in minutes, and in the case of older systems with fragmented hard drives, this takes 5-10 minutes... It is frustrating to say the least!

As your PC ages and you load more and more software onto your hard drives, you will likely notice things start getting slower and slower. Why is this?
To keep it simple, it is because when your hard drive has to read and load data, just like it does when you click the "Fly Now" button in your sim, it normally does it in sections (or packets) of information. It takes a drive a certain amount of time to find and read each packet of information. This time is commonly referred to as "Seek time". Now imagine that to load your flight requires your system to find say 100 packets of information (it's normally many thousands at least) and these packets of information are scattered all over your hard drive (they likely are with most drives by default). Your hard drive has to search out each packet on the drive, load it to memory, then find the next, and so on, and then this gets multiplied by the number of files needing to be loaded. This means the hard drive head (which does the data reading on traditional HDDs) is constantly moving back and forth across the platen surface hunting for these "fragmented" files. This takes time, and is the cause of excessively long load times in your flight sim, and in EVERY OTHER application you run on your PC. Plus, all this workload can cause premature failure of your drive.
Now, imagine there is a software application that easily allows you to place all the files in a logical order, next to each other, and move them to the fastest spinning part of the disk (for traditional hard disk drives), hence drastically reducing load times since the hard drive head barely needs to move at all to find scattered file parts to load... And you don't need a degree in computer science to accomplish it... just a few clicks with a mouse!
This software is called Ultimate Defrag 5 and it has been built by us to help you experience faster gaming and computing, and tailored specifically for flight simmers. The biggest draw card to using this software is that it Actually Works! We have been developing this software for 10+ years and believe it to be the most effective, most feature-rich and easiest to use disk defragmentation application in the world. Forget the inbuilt Windows version... It is slow, cumbersome and far from versatile. Give Ultimate Defrag 5 a try today. We know you will be pleased with the results, and it can be as simple to use as you like, or for the tech-minded, you can really customise the process for maximum benefit.
Ultimate Defrag 5 is:

 Simple to use for everyone
 Full-featured and customisable to your needs

✓ Suitable for HDDs and SSDs with advanced algorithms and program logic.
✓ Considerably faster than standard Disk Defraggers!
✓ Inexpensive for the performance gains achieved.
✓ Developed by PC Aviator Inc.
✓ Ideal to improve performance of your operating system and every software/file on your disk drives.


All This Potential Performance and Time Saving Features!
Just AUD $39.95 inc gst

Want to find out more about Disk Fragmentation and How to Fix It?
Check out this in-depth 7-page article which explains all the technical stuff in an easy-to-understand and read format. Get educated to save yourself time and frustration!


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Posted 01 April 2017 - 01:12 PM

I used to have this program. Seemed to work well.


With several computer rebuilds and a house move, meaning a new email account, I seem to have lost the version I had. I notice a discount for previous owners. Should I follow up with them and ask if they still have my licence details?



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