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MegaSceneryEarth Pictorial Flight - Andy Mc Beth (S51) > Hoopa (O21) - California, USA

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 01:19 AM

Here's a nice little flight that pretty much follows the Klamath River all the way from departure at Andy Mc Beth Airport to Hoopa Airport (O21) downstream.
This is valley flying at some its nicest! 
Add-ons used in this pictorial flight:
Scenery: MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Northern California
Aircraft: Alabeo C172RG Cutlass II
Terrain Mesh: FSGlobal Ultimate: The Americas

Ready to depart the airport at Andy Mc Beth...


Navigating this flight is easy. Just follow the Klamath River South-East all the way to the next airport along the line - Hoopa!


Still climbing slowly to roughly the same altitude as the peaks on each side of the river valley.


The Alabeo Cutlass is a great choice for this type of flying. Just don't forget to raise and lower the gear as required if you are used to flying fixed-carriage aircraft!


The Klamath River looks like a perfect place to fish, or to buy a house, although these are still few and far between by the looks of it!


Green tree covered mountains are the norm in this part of California.


According to the charts, there is actually a school down there somewhere right next to the river... I can't imagine it being a very large one as the population concentration in the area seems rather sparse!


There's a camp of some kind (logger's camp?) up on the ridge to the right...


A branching of the river at Weitchpec. Keep following the south-easterly arm. We are not far from Hoopa Airport now. 


Ahh, a clearing up ahead. This has to be the town of Hoopa, California. 


The airport is straight ahead and can just be seen from this distance (around the bend a little). Now is the time to start lining up the runway, descending and reducing speed in preparation to land. Don;t forget to lower the gear in the Cutlass!


Another town that looks like a great place to live (if you want a more peaceful lifestyle). Continuing approach.


Now lined up and preparing for final landing checks.


Another case where Microsoft default airport data is way off the real world. I'm going to land on the photoreal strip. Double-check that gear is down, lower flaps and reduce airspeed. Its not an overly landing landing strip so don't float down the runway at too higher a speed! 


And safely down at Hoopa (O21)


If you like flights where you can take in the scenery and not worry so much about navigation, this is one to try! All you need to do is visually follow the Klamath River all the way to Hoopa. Hard to go wrong here.


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